Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pay it Forward

A couple years back a movie came out called "Pay It Forward" and the world was introduced to the concept of doing for others without getting anything in return. All that one asks is that you help out someone else.
During this holiday season I would like to thank all that have done great things for us and only hope I can pay it forward with interest.
We especially have seen this when it comes to our kids. Whether it be gifts, hand-me-downs or meals we have truly appreciated everything given to us.
So, if you can, pay it forward.


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Cali said...

How interesting that you posted this. We lost a member of our family a week ago today. He lived by the pay it forward model for years. I have been thinking about this concept a lot over the last few days. I applaud you in your efforts to pay it forward in the future.